Canada Growth Council Rolls Out Major #UltimateHypocrite Advertising Campaign - Canada Growth Council
October 10, 2019

Canada Growth Council Rolls Out Canada-wide #UltimateHypocrite Advertising Campaign

Regina, SK – Today, Canada Growth Council Inc. rolled out a substantial, Canada-wide advertising campaign as the federal election nears the finish line. The campaign features full-page ads in two major national newspapers – The Globe and Mail and The National Post – where the group rolls out the following theme: Justin Trudeau as the “Ultimate Hypocrite”.

“When he was elected in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised to clean up government ethics, be a champion for women, committed to focusing on the environment, vowed to keep promises, and strongly represent Canada internationally,” said Derek Robinson, director and spokesperson for Canada Growth Council. “Instead, Trudeau has had multiple ethics violations, fired several strong women who stood up to him, said one thing and did another on the environment, broke countless promises including electoral reform and balancing the budget by 2019, and had absolutely embarrassed Canada multiple times by incidents like the India trip disaster and his blackface habit.”

“Simply put: Justin Trudeau is the ultimate hypocrite.”

Along with the full-page ads in the two newspapers, Canada Growth Council is running similar ads on the Globe and National Post’s websites and promoting the campaign with organic social media content and Facebook Advertisements.

Robinson said the evidence is clear that Trudeau is the ultimate hypocrite, and asked why his MPs continue to stand by him.

“Why are his MPs still supporting the ultimate hypocrite? A Member of Parliament like Ralph Goodale, who used to be an honourable man, now just goes along with Trudeau’s hypocrisy. It’s embarrassing for Mr. Goodale and every other MP who continues to stand beside Trudeau.”

“We encourage every person in Canada that is tired of Trudeau’s ultimate hypocrisy to vote him and his MPs out on October 21!”

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Canada Growth Council Inc. is a registered third-party advertiser for the 43rd federal election.